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My Personal Tips for Online Class

My Personal Tips for Online Class

  • Have confidence

Online classes are nerve wracking, not only because it is about studying but because it is still an unknown territory for a lot of you.

I have attended several zoom meetings and I tell you, they were uncomfortable and chaotic. I didn’t learn a thing! So imagine if little kids and young adults go through the same thing everyday. It will surely take a knock on their confidence.

This is what I want you to know. You are doing well.

Online class is something new to you and you’re not expected to know everything right away. It’s okay to ask, to make mistakes, to not get it the first tries. Even adults like us feel lost too most of the time.

If you are anxious to see your face on the screen or hear your voice through the microphone and make mistake, I will share you a thing I’ve learned in dealing with anxiety.

“People don’t care as much as you think they do”

Do you remember the face of someone who tripped on the street? Or the exact mistake that someone had said or made? Do you notice someone’s pimple or crooked teeth at a glance?

Some of you might do for a second then move on with your life. That’s what people do. People don’t care as much as you think they do. They don’t care if you trip or fall or embarrass yourself in public or in front of a virtual class. Because a lot of times, people are busy in their own world, stressing and surviving like you do.

Whenever I overthink over a word I’ve said or an act I’ve made, I always tell myself “if other people did it, would I think about it a lot? No.” So I move on.

That’s what I hope for you to do. Have confidence to make mistake, to trip, fall, endure, laugh at your own self. Have confidence to speak up clearly. You are all going through the same thing for the first time and you’re allowed to be imperfect.

  • Get Organized

This is important because I think a lot of students are stressed with online classes because they are not into it. They are at home where they are conditioned to be comfortable and carefree.

Online classes are real class. So as much as possible, prepare yourself the same way you prepare for your real class.

Wake up early. Have breakfast. Dress your part. Organized your things. Take down notes. Class is not taking you away from your free time, you have an allotted time for your class and you must give your all within those time.

Don’t think “I should be reading Wattpad right now. I should be watching Netflix right now.” No. You’re in class right now and this is where you’re meant to be at this exact moment. Don’t think otherwise.

  • Be Your “Social” Self

This is hard. Heck I would rather not. Social? Not me. But we need to.

Other than seeing your face on the screen with others in those tiny little boxes, one of most uncomfortable thing in online class is overflowing, overbearing number of chats, text messages, and emails.

I’m an introvert with social anxiety and if you’re like me, it takes you days, weeks or even months to prepare your energy for a single reply. Sometimes we just don’t have the energy at all to hold a conversation.

Group chats, emails, text messages, video calls. Stimulus are everywhere and most of the time they drain you and your remaining social energy.

This is what I want you to know. Be your “social” self. Get involved, ask questions with your classmates, ask questions with your teachers. But! Use your social energy wisely. Pick the things you want to spend your energy with.

Use the group chat and email to ask, to help you with studies, to get ahead of lessons. Avoid using it to for gossip or banters or toxic discussion that won’t help you take a step forward.

There’s a mute and do not disturb option if you need cleansing time. Be social but conserve your social energy.

Reward Yourself
After a long day of staring at the screen, have time to stare outside. Stare at green plants or the blue sky if you can, or watch the rain from your window while you listen to calming music.

Reward yourself. But it doesn’t always necessary mean buy something. If you’re done with your tasks, take a break. Read your favorite book, draw, paint a flower, write on your journal.

Too much technology sometimes gives us the perception that we’re living inside our heads. Pile of things to do, another long day tomorrow, unending studying. But when you look at things closely, the worrying is worst than the task at hand.

“If you worry, you suffer twice”

That’s something I’ve learned. If you give the right time to the right things, you can accomplish a lot of things. Worrying doubles your time for a task.

“One step at a time. One day at a time”

Do what you can do until the end of the day, and tomorrow will worry its own. You deserve rest, a break, a small reward. If you know how to allocate your time properly, you can enjoy more of it.

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